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The Equipment


Vocal:  Shure SM58 & Shure SM48

Drum:  Beyerdynamic clip-on, AT Pro 25

Rhythm Guitar:  Shure SM57

Instrument Amplification: 

Tim (Lead Guitar):  Marshall 50 Watt combo, Peavey 50/50

Deb (Bass):  Carvin Red Eye 600-watt combo

Albert (Rhythm Guitar):  Marshall 50 watt combo


Tim (Lead Guitar):  Digitech RP2000/RP10

Deb (Bass):  Zoom thing


Tim (Lead Guitar): PRS custom22, Peavy Wolfgang EVH, Gibson SG Special

Deb (Bass):  Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay 4

Albert (Rhythm):  Gibson Les Paul

Steve (Drums):  Tama drums, Zildjian cymbals

Sound Reinforcement and Control:

Peavey Unity 2002 Mixing Board

dBx 1066a Compressor/Limiter/Expander

Behrenger Feedback Destroyer (2 - 1 house, 1 monitors)

Aphex Type C Aural Exciter

DOD 808R830 Equalizer

Digitech Time Machine RDS1000

Digitech Chorus/Flanger

DOD 2-way Stereo Crossover

Real Time Analyzer

Power Amplification: 

Crown 2000

Peavey CS800 (2)


Peavey SPX?

Community CSX Subwoofers(2)

Various vintage monitors


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