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The Wacky World of Alan 

Welcome to my pitiful part of the SPIFF…website. I am the soundman or, as I prefer to refer to myself "the man of sound". Or as the other members of the band refer to me " that idiot behind the mixing board " Sometimes when they are in a kind mood they call me "Mr. feed-back" I must admit I do have a gift. I can make almost anything feed back. Not just the PA, answering machines, stereos, tape decks, I even made Steve's car feed back once. Ok, down to business.



Spiff... As Alan Sees It

This is Alan's link.  If you know Alan, we don't really need to say anything more than that.  If you don't know Alan, please enter at your own risk!

The content contained herein is the product of a mind that has spent too many hours in front of loud speakers (and other things we can't mention here).  Inclusion of the information contained on this link does not represent the editorial (or any other) Spiff... opinion.

Remember, we warned you!

The Equipment


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